Submission Guidelines

(Also refer to our page "Fine Print")


Dear Artist,Thank you once again for your interest in this very unique opportunity! The Bill Murray Art Show is going to be one of the most talked-about events we've seen. We will be accepting submissions until FEBURARY 20th-ish. We will issue either an acceptance or rejection letter  to ensure you will have enough time to mail your work if necessary. At this time we will let you know where to send your artwork.


As a prerequisite to participate in this show, you must invite everyone you know to this show, and promote the event on facebook. If you don't know how to invite all of your friends on facebook to an event, here's a little tutorial.

To submit your work with us, we will need a good photo in addition to your contact information:

Please include

*the title of your piece (or series name)

*Your name

*Your email address

*Your phone number

*Dimensions of the piece

*Asking price (If not for sale, please indicate)

*Return postage if you want your piece returned to you via mail.

*Your PayPal information (either the email you use, or the phone number attached) so we may pay you your funds in the event of sale.


Original Work is Required

We will absolutely not accept submissions with copyright material of any kind. Be creative! Innovate!


Preparation of Work

We require that you provide framed prints Gallery Ready, or have a canvas to hang on the walls. We are not using mounting strips for this event.


Print Sales

You are invited to sell prints of your artwork at this show. The artist is in charge of providing prints, as we are not offering any printing services. We will have two options for this:

A: We will have a table where customers can browse prints of a set size 16x20" at a set price of $25. These prints will be available in addition to your framed work. (We will keep 15% of the sales)

B: The second option is to have your framed work Not For Sale, and print-sell only at your own set rate per print, and any size you're providing. YOU MUST INDICATE WHICH OPTION YOU ARE CHOOSING. (Again, we keep 15%)



You are invited to vend at The Murray Affair, and this will be run the same as print sales. There is no table fee, but we ask for 15% of sales. If you have stock that wil sell for $25-30 we can sell that for you at our print table, but if you're asking other amounts we will ask that you sell any merchandise yourself (or have someone designated to do this).


Placard Information

You must provide your own placard for this show. Include the following information:




BIO (if you wish)




Visual Projection Media

We will have a projector for use 1080p HD for visual installations, anything submitted for this purpose will need to be either on DVD, MP4, or you can play from your own source. We must receive this by July 12th. Once you are accepted, we will let you know your time-slot.


Final Thoughts

For our out-of-state friends, and general thoughts:

We have to run a very tight ship for this event, as the venue (The Syrup Loft) has scheduled events directly surrounding The Murray Affair. We will only accept submissions sent to us via our gmail ( If you've contacted Ezra or Julia personally, you will be directed to the email. Once we receive your submission (digital high-resolution photo) via email, we will decide if we are going to accept or reject your work, and we will advise accordingly. If we accept your work, and you live out-of-state, you will have to mail your piece(s) to us, and we will provide the address in the acceptance letter. We will allow enough time to send as cheaply as possible. Our deadline for submissions will the third week of Feburary. Acceptance letters will go out before the rejection letters, but all artists will know one way or the other about the submissions.

++If you are from out-of-state, and you mail your work, and you ARE able to attend the show, but your work does not sell, we will require you to remove your work personally the night of the event.

++If you are from out-of-state, but you ARE NOT able to attend the show, and your work does not sell, we will be taking all of the work with us, to be returned to the artist. YOU MUST INCLUDE RETURN POSTAGE FOR US TO RETURN YOUR WORK in this case.

++If your work does sell, the buyer will be taking it the night of the event whether or not you're from out-of-state.



We look forward to seeing you and your art! Please don't forget to invite your friends, enemies, and anyone you generally want to impress. Address any questions to THEBILLMURRAYARTSHOW@GMAIL.COM